Village Center

Windmark Beach Village Center

Overlooking the waterfront and right in the middle of everything, the Village Center is becoming the gathering place and hub of activity within the community.  Local musicians have appeared at the amphitheatre.  The Village Center has small town charm in a big way!

BeachWalk and Boardwalk

The Windmark BeachWalk ties the community together. It stretches three and a half miles along the waterfront, and connects the walkways and boardwalks that wind through WindMark Beach. Perfect for leisurely strolling, morning jogging, biking and inline skating, the BeachWalk keeps everybody moving.

Village Center Pool

The Village Center Pool club includes a 35,000 square foot zero-entry pool with direct access to the beachwalk.  Adjacent to the deck is a lawn area with a children’s playground.  Guests at Seagull Landing have access to the Village Center pool, in addition to the pool at Windmark Way (closest to the house).


Pictures / information about the Windmark Way pool (closest to the house):